Why choose Presentive Maintenance from Maxtec Solutions?

Prevention is better than cure. At Maxtec Solutions, we provide customers with comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program to avoid lost productivity caused by poor performance or unplanned failure of a product. A customized service contract can be established to best suit specific needs of the customer, the product, and the customer’s facility. Maxtec Solutions specialist supports in defining a maintenance schedule and carry out maintenace work for a customer, to optimize the performance of a product.

  • Scheduled maintenance inspections provided for 5×8 standard rates
  • Trained and skilled professionals
  • Problem prevention
  • Corporate support
  • Flexible scheduling, we can adapt to the dynamic conditions of each custome
  • Ensure that products are maintained and remain covered per specified warranty term
  • Address potential minor problems before they become a major inconvenience
  • Increase revenue by reducing downtime
Service Details
  • Regular service visits – Scheduled visits depending on product mix, configuration, and use
  • Skilled technicians to inspect the product – Inspections and minor adjustments are performed
    to ensure proper alignment and settings of the product.
  • Perform preventative maintenance – Ensure that the product is functioning properly.
  • Advise on issues requiring additional attention – Technician will advise the customer of the
    need, and of the likely time, material, and costs to repair that is outside of the scope of normal
    maintenance agreement. Some issues may be “fixable” on the spot, while others may require a
    return visit.
  • Provide a service log – Identifies the details of the service visit and keeps a history of service to
    help identify any possible long-term issues that may require additional attention.

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