University of Santo Thomas

University of Santo Tomas (UST)

The Royal Pontifical Catholic University of the Philippines

Company Profile
Location: Espana, Manila Philippines
Industry: Education
Platform: Mac & Windows
Business Issues: Storage
Interviewee: Engr. Jale M. Nonan
Interviewee’s Position: Technology & Infrastructure Manager
Current DiskStation in use: DS509+
Year of Purchase: 2010

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The Company

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is the oldest existing university in Asia. It is the largest Catholic university in the world in a single campus. The institution was established through the initiative of Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., the third Archbishop of Manila. At the moment, UST has 40,000+ students and 3,000+ academic and non-academic staffs.

UST’s Education Technology Center (EdTech) is in-charge of promoting the use of technology in the educational process of the students. It is a team with media inclinations that allows student participation in their activities which are mostly in the form of tv and event productions. They also produce and air educational and informative through Thomasian Cable Televison (TOMCAT) which is being aired all over the UST campus. They also handle the universuty’s documentation of activities, video productions, and even radio and web streaming of different activities of UST. Other task includes handling the e-learning programs of the university. In Edtech alone, they have 15 non-academic staff and 20 faculty members, with a pool of video editors that need lots of storage.

The Challenge

As one of the finest educational institution in the country,UST has defined roles per department, and as for the EdTech Center, their goal is to promote and use technology in students’ education, but this may require large volumes of space for storage and archive. They needed a reliable solution tailored to suit their requirement for data management and storage, and to help them digitize their collection of CDs and VHS tapes to protect it from corruption.

The EdTech Center has sub-units around the university, each unit needing an access to the main server. The recording studio in the Education Building, for instance, have to save multimedia files at their main server which is located in the Library Building. They needed an easy and user-friendly way of access since most of their employees are non-technical, but security would be still a major concern.

Copying and transferring of raw files per PC also became time-consuming and tedious for the team. More so, this duplicates same files that eat huge storage. Due to the complexity of their requirements, they needed a solution that can address their problems all at the same time.


“With the features you can get, you’ll have value for your money.”

Engr. Jale M. Nonan
Technology & Infrastructure Manager, UST
–A Satisfied Synology User–

The Solution

UST’s EdTech Center purchased DS509+ in the year 2010. Its large capacity and expandability can accommodate all the storage and backup requirements of the team, with a lesser cost. 

Such big institution entails large volumes of files especially for their events and programs. With Synology’s File Station, they can now easily get hold of the data they need regardless of their location in the university. Synology is comes with an advanced and customizable management system, and its user privileges options could limit and restrict users from unauthorized access to specific paths and folders, thus making the system secure despite multiple accessors. And since Synology’s Firmware, DiskStation Manager (DSM), is centralized and web-based, duplication of files can now be avoided, saving and optimizing the storage space they have.

As the institution’s frontliner in recording its history, EdTech is more confident that they can preserve the data entrusted to them especially through Synology’s latest and advanced backup features. All their files are now being migrated from their old NAS to their DS509+. Mr. Nonan, particularly, is satisfied with Synology’s high-level of security and reliability and now looking at exploring the other features of Synology after their data migration.